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Monday, May 9, 2011

Your Taxpayer Dollars at Work...

Via RealCatholicTV:
Abortion Mega Center A Waste of Taxpayer Money
Auburn Hills, Michigan-- Planned Parenthood has spent two hundred thousand dollars of taxpayers’ money to purchase a building in Auburn Hills, Michigan that could be lost because of mismanaged funds. The building, located at 1625 N. Opdyke Road, carries a deed restriction forbidding its use as a medical facility.
Planned Parenthood’s loss of the building would mean a waste of the two hundred thousand dollars in tax money commissioned to acquire the building. Such a large amount of money wasted on a questionable real estate purchase, either without adequate research or with intention to breach legal precedents, is not an institution that should be trusted with taxpayers’ funds. This incident has raised eyebrows in the state capital, and may have repercussions regarding the state funding of the abortion provider.
Read the rest here (PDF).

On one hand, it's good that PP lost a building. On the other hand, it's sad that gov't money is wasted so frivolously. Large sums of cash are given to protect personal ideologies instead of being spent anything that's actually good. Then the people behind this genocidal corruption loose their money. Good. Bem Feito. However, the general public still lost $200,000 (which is no small sum of money) for ideological reasons.

People go to work, earn money by the sweat of their brow, then have it taken away by the government only to have it wasted on failed attempts to protect the personal ideology that the human body should be used for sexual pleasure and that there shouldn't be any negative consequences for those sexual acts, ergo a woman has a "right" to an abortion. Think about that. People are so hell bent on abusing the human body as a source of sexual pleasure that they're willing to mercilessly slaughter the most innocent of children to preserve their lifestyle of sex with no consequences. That's what the government is protecting and funding with your money.

Here in the US, we just had Mother's Day yesterday. Moms, think of your children who you love so much. You would never want anyone to kill them. That would be your worst nightmare. You are willing to sacrifice yourself to protect them. Many other moms are perfectly willing to kill their own children just so they can have more sex and they do this every day. They call it "women's right's" and being "pro-choice". Anyone who protects children is "anti-choice" and "hates women". That's right. If you defend motherhood, you hate women. The ability to become a mother is what makes a woman a woman. It's what separates her from men. The world's wisdom says that if you defend the gift of motherhood (which is from God), you hate women. How anyone can agree with them is beyond me...