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Friday, May 6, 2011

Of Conspiracies & Drag "Queens"

Fr. Longenecker over on his blog has a go on conspiracy theories. He goes on, as an example explaining the theory that Queen Elizabeth I was really a man, posing as her after she died as a child. This explains many different facts about her, including her famous disdain for nudity, which came to be shared by the rest of England. Go there to read the whole thing. This anti-nude mentality was shared by the US's founding fathers, which explains our American disdain for social nudity whereas most Europeans see nudity as something natural. It's a mentality of "It's just how God made us." This is at least partly correct, since we need to respect the human body as the masterpiece of the Divine Artist, and never see it as something to be used for lust (The Sistine Chapel ceiling and Michaelangelo's David randomly come to mind). Scandal to those weak against lust is another matter... Us Yanks and Brits are the unnatural ones seeing nudity as always sexual (which is definitely wrong) because we are offspring of Elizabethan England, which might have been founded on a drag queen (couldn't resist the pun on "queen").

Nudity aside, Fr. Longenecker's main point and reason for bringing up Queen Elizabeth I is that conspiracy theories are a waste of time:
The number of conspiracy theories is only matched by the amount of imagination people have along with the need to find some greater hidden meaning to it all. It's a form of illness and the final slam for conspiracy theorists is to ask, 'So what?' So what if JFK was actually murdered by LBJ, George Bush and the Cuban Cigar manufacturers? Can you do anything about that? So what if you discover incontrovertible proof that George W Bush murdered JFK Jr in a rigged plane crash or Elvis ate a poisoned peanut butter sandwich or Bill Clinton is a secret Rockefeller love child? Or Princess Diana was murdered by an international secret group of reptilian aliens. What are you going to do about it? Nothing. So at worst it's a waste of time and at best its an amusing hobby.

If you want to wonder at the hidden meaning of all things I recommend meditating on the mystery of Divine Providence.