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Tuesday, April 19, 2011

All for You My Love...

Holy Tuesday - I Class Feria
Missa Nos Autem
In the Eastern Rites, yesterday, today, and tomorrow are feasts of the Nymphios (Bridegroom, i.e. Ecce Homo)

Epistle: Jer. 11:18-20 [Meekness of Christ amidst suffering and persecution.]
Gospel: Mk. 14:32-72; 15:1-46 [Mark's Passion.]
Full Latin-English propers here.

Holy Monday, Tuesday, and Wednesday are some of the highest days of the year for the Nymphios, the titular of this blog. These are observed in the East, but in the West we are not to far off. On these days, we have the Magdalene repenting of her sexual sins, realizing that God loves her more than any man on earth, followed twice by the story of the Nymphios: the Passion readings. When it comes to celebrating the Nymphios, these days are out-ranked only by the Triduum immediately after it.

This two week season of Passiontide-and especially this week, Great Week, Holy Week-is when we celebrate the love our Bridegroom has for us. He so much desires to see us pure and beautiful and together with Him that He sacrificed even Himself to see that happen. He went silently through His trial and execution, as we see in the Gospel. Jeremiah tells us that He was the meek and silent lamb of the sacrifice. Today's Epistle is essentially a short version of the Gospel and the Gospel is essentially a long version of the Epistle.

Christ loves so strongly, as a husband loves his bride, that He is willing to bear any suffering for her sake. It is not a human love, but the vocation to the Sacrament of Holy Matrimony; it is a Divine love that the Holy Ghost created by the call to that sacrament and strengthens by that sacrament. It is with that kind of love that Christ loves the Church. So much so, that sacramental marriages are merely reflections of Christ's marriage with the Church. It is by mimicking Christ's marriage that sacramental marriages become good. Christ's marriage is the original, model, and pattern on which sacramental marriages are based. How can anyone go through what Christ went through in today's Gospel and remain silent as He did? Love alone can enable a person to bear that kind of suffering. When a couple is in love, they are always willing to forgive each other, no matter how big the offense. In fact, they are even impatient to forgive, that is how much they want to be with the other person. All this is merely a reflection of Christ's love for His Bride the Church. Isaias will tell us more about this tomorrow.