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Saturday, November 20, 2010

The Pope on Condoms

The media and "Catholics" in open rebellion against the Church and her "old" teachings claim that the pope has "finally" approved condom use.

Nothing could be further from the truth. Here's what he said:
"There may be a basis in the case of some individuals, as perhaps when a male prostitute uses a condom, where this can be a first step in the direction of a moralization, a first assumption of responsibility, on the way toward recovering an awareness that not everything is allowed and that one cannot do whatever one wants. But it is not really the way to deal with the evil of HIV infection. That can really lie only in a humanization of sexuality.
Are you saying, then, that the Catholic Church is actually not opposed in principle to the use of condoms? 
She of course does not regard it as a real or moral solution, but, in this or that case, there can be nonetheless, in the intention of reducing the risk of infection, a first step in a movement toward a different way, a more human way, of living sexuality."

B16 is saying that by using condoms, you are not, not, I repeat, NOT doing good, but rather trying to do good. By using condoms to fight AIDS, you have good intentions, but are still doing evil.

Liberals/progressivists/moderists/those wishing to "update" and "revise" Church teaching think they have won a key battle in getting the last remaining Christian group to allow condoms, but condoms are still intrinsically evil and condom use is always a mortal sin. The Church cannot change what is and what isn't a sin. Only God can do that. B16 isn't claiming to do that. B16 is NOT a heretic. He condemns condoms in these quotes. It's just that those opposed to tradition only read what they want to read because they want the Church to surrender to the world on moral issues and legalize condoms. The problem is that the Church does not have the jurisdiction to do such a thing.

Monday, November 15, 2010

Abolish the TSA (they're peeping toms)

CatholicVote.org has not just one, or even two, but three (!!!) articles on why the TSA and it's security standards need to go. In short, it is financially inefficient and an expression of the government's paranoia about airline security. The second article is the shortest and gets to the point: How is disbanding the TSA a “Catholic issue”? Well, human dignity, modesty and privacy are absolutely important to Catholics, as is the security of our country. I think the TSA is a government bureaucracy run amok; an intrusive, ineffective system which limits the freedoms of citizens (while wasting large amounts of public money).

Current airport security procedures and not only fueled by paranoia, but they also are invasions of privacy.

These pics will explain:

This is from CV (the second post linked above):
When you're searching a nun, game over, your paranoid. I know what some will say: But what if a female terrorist disguises herself as a nun?! Saying such a thing is a symptom of paranoia. What ever happened to trusting in Divine Providence?

Here's another that I easily found via Google Images & had to censor myself:
The gun censored her donkey for me. The picture (literally) speaks for itself. Everyone is entitled to privacy. It's a basic part of being human. Your not allowed to peep at someone without their permisson, unless it is a matter of safety and security. If the "security" is being randomly chosen by a computer, then there is no security reason. There has to be a legitimate suspicion that your dangerous, not a random draw to see who has been shaving where. 

I know that I will be flying back and forth from Massachusetts and Nebraska when I enter OLG Seminary and the FSSP, and there are no direct flights, so I know I will be spending lots of time in airports. Now, I have nothing to be embarrassed about "down there" (I've chosen celibacy, so ladies, it's your loss), but choosing passengers at random for scans like the one above is just an invasion of privacy based on paranoia. It's not based on security, it's based on paranoia. If someone were to leave explosives in an airport restroom toilet, you can bet your last dollar that every toilet in every airport (at least in the US and EU) will have a camera and someone on the other end of the feed will be watching you relieve yourself-all in the name of your "safety". Sometimes we just need to let it go and trust in Divine Providence, or else paranoia will set in-a rather disturbing paranoia. 

Saturday, November 13, 2010

Quod est Caritas?

     Pilatus dixit, Quod est Veritas? Ego dico, Quod est Caritas?

     Let us take as an example a woman. She meets a man, and filled with lust and deceived by his romance, lies with  him and falls into grave sin. This becomes habitual. Among the youth of today, the vast majority do so by the time they're 24. Many have multiple such partners by that time. Some at the same time. One major characteristic of such people is that they are Catholics who have abandoned the practice of religion. They have been confirmed, and the following day simply left. Each of us can list dozens of such people.

     Let us also take for example a man. He is a priest. He is a priest of great piety and each day his heart longs to offer the Holy Sacrifice. Whispering the words of consecration is the highlight of his day and of his life. Pronouncing the words of absolution Dominus Noster Jesus Christus te absolvat at ego per auctoritate Ipsius to absolve ab omni vincula exommunicationis et interdicti, in quantum possum et te indiges. DIENDE, EGO TE ABSOLVO IN NOMINE PATRIS ET FILII ET SPIRITUI SANCTO. AMEN. gives him great satisfaction. He too knows dozens of people such as described above. Let us suppose that he knows the specific woman of the example. Every time he whispers that Sacred Form, he thinks of her. His heart is weighed down by her sin. As an Alter Christus, it is his very duty to bear her sins, to take them to the altar, and there make satisfaction for them.

     The man with whom she habitually lies is of course not her husband. They say that they're in love. He says that he loves her. He, like most men, is constantly trying to convince her to lie with him. He is a foolish young man; a youth with no sense. [Pr. 7:7] Deceived by his scandalous temptations, she too wishes to dive with him into sin. They resolve themselves to lead each other into sin, all of it under the pretense of "love". And catching the young man, she kisseth him, and with an impudent face, flattereth, saying: I vowed victims for prosperity, this day I have paid my vows. I am come out to meet thee, desirous to see thee, and I have found thee. I have woven my bed with cords, I have covered it with painted tapestry, brought from Egypt. I have perfumed my bed with myrrh, aloes, and cinnamon. Come, let us be inebriated with the breasts, and let us enjoy the desired embraces, till the day appear. ...She entangled him with many words, and drew him away with the flattery of her lips. Immediately he followeth her as an ox led to be a victim, and as a lamb playing the wanton, and not knowing that he is drawn like a fool to bonds, Till the arrow pierce his liver: as if a bird should make haste to the snare, and knoweth not that his life is in danger. [Pr. 7:13-18,21-23] He likewise speaks to her. It is merely, I want pleasure NOW under MY terms. I want to be happy NOW in MY way, and you are the path to that happiness. It is mutual manipulation to attain lustful pleasure. The world calls it "love". That is not what love is. Love is self-sacrificing. No act that leads to sin is an act of love. Any act that leads to sin, because it kills the soul and leads directly to eternal hellfire, is an act of either hate or carelessness. Care comes from the Latin caritas meaning love, so carelessness is just simply lovelessness.

     Let us go to our priest. His heart is weighed down by her sin. He cannot bear to think of her going to hell. He must make a saint of her. He absolutely must make her holy. Not even Satan with all the demons in hell can stop him, he cannot abandon her to the devils. He bears her sin ad altare Dei. He asks the Lord, quare me repulisti, et quare me tristis incedo, dum affligit me inimicus? The Lord gives him the joy for which he seeks in union with Him at the altar. There he finds the Lamb that deletes the sins that pain him. Quare tristis es, amina mea, et quare conturbas me? Spera in Deo, quoniam adhuc confitebor illi: salutare vultus mei, et Deus meus.  He knows that his Redeemer and hers lives, and that she, the lost sheep, can be found. There, at the altar of God, he offers himself up in propitiation in order to make present the Holy Sacrifice. There he giver her his love. There he pays his vows to her. There he sacrifices his very life to make present the Self-Sacrifice of Christ on the Cross, who alone can  completely wipe-out and completely delete her sins.

     Which man loves her? Clearly the priest. How? Only because he lives in persona Christi. Christ alone truly loves her. Christ is her only legitimate Lover. Although, she has not been intimate with Him in longer than she can remember. Christ loves her more that any boy ever could. Never mind would, but could. Christ loves her so much, that He is perfectly willing to take this man, leave him dead to the world and wrapped in a black cassock, take possession of him, ordain him, and use him as a tool to sanctify her. Any love anyone has for her is just a reflection of Christ's love. If it is not a reflection of Christ's love, it isn't love. It is just manipulation, or "niceness": a vainness that attempts to make the other happy in this life.

Hic est Caritas.

Sunday, November 7, 2010

Relics of the Iraqi Martyrs

Here are the relics of the newly crowned martyrs of Iraq. As is the norm for relics, it's pretty gory. It includes images of the Church.

This is Islam. This is how they "love" their neighbors. This is the religion fools and imbeciles believe is a religion of peace.

Tuesday, November 2, 2010

Be afraid: the Day of Wrath approaches.

Commemoration of All the Faithful Departed - I Cl.

First Mass:
   Epistle: 1 Cor. 15:51-57
   Gospel: John 5:25-29
Second Mass:
   Epistle: II Mac. 12:43-46
   Gospel: Jn 6:37-40
Third Mass:
   Epistle: Apoc. 14:13
   Gospel: Jn 6:51-55

(Omitted in the 2nd and 3rd Masses)

Day of wrath and doom impending,
David’s word with Sibyl’s blending!
Heaven and earth in ashes ending!

O what fear man’s bosom rendeth
When from heaven the Judge descendeth,
On whose sentence all dependeth!

Wondrous sound the trumpet flingeth,
Through earth’s sepulchers it ringeth,
All before the throne it bringeth.

Death is struck, and nature quaking,
All creation is awaking,
To its judge an answer making.

Lo! the book exactly worded,
Wherein all hath been recorded;
Thence shall judgment be awarded.

When the Judge His seat attaineth,
And each hidden deed arraigneth,
Nothing unavenged remaineth.

What shall I, frail man, be pleading?
Who for me be interceding,
When the just are mercy needing?

King of majesty tremendous,
Who dost free salvation send us,
Fount of pity, then befriend us!

Think, kind Jesu, my salvation
Caused Thy wondrous Incarnation;
Leave me not to reprobation.

Faint and weary Thou hast sought me,
On the Cross of suffering bought me;
Shall such grace be vainly brought me?

Righteous Judge! for sin’s pollution
Grant Thy gift of absolution,
Ere that day of retribution.

Guilty, now I pour my moaning,
All my shame with anguish owning;
Spare, O God, Thy suppliant groaning!

Through the sinful woman shriven,
Through the dying thief forgiven,
Thou to me a hope hast given.

Worthless are my prayers and sighing,
Yet, good Lord, in grace complying,
Rescue me from fires undying.

With Thy favored sheep O place me,
Nor among the goats abase me,
But to Thy right hand upraise me.

While the wicked are confounded,
Doomed to flames of woe unbounded,
Call me with Thy Saints surrounded.

Low I kneel, with heart submission,
Crushed to ashes in contrition;
Help me in my last condition!

Ah! that day of tears and morning!
From the dust of earth returning,
Man for judgment must prepare him;
Spare, O God, in mercy spare him!

Lord all-pitying, Jesu Blest,
Grant them Thine eternal rest. Amen.

   Requiem Masses accomplish two ends: they are offered for the deceased who need our prayers as they undergo judgement, and they remind us of our inevitable doom. We humans are the only creatures who die who are aware that we will indeed die. We humans are afraid of death because we know we cannot avoid it and we do not know what waits for us on the other side. In this life, we have no guarantee of salvation whatsoever as sin is always possible. We also have no guarantee of damnation as the Sacraments are always available. Either Baptism or Confession is always an option. It is the greatest unsureness we human can ever know. That is why skulls and crossbones strike fear into the hearts of people: they are afraid of their demise. Typically sinners are more afraid than the righteous. The wicked often loose the faith and become less sure of what might happen after death. The righteous keep to virtuous living and have faith so they have less reason to be afraid, even though they never have a guarantee.

   If we are unaware of our own fate, then much less are we aware of the fate of others. That is why we must pray for the deceased. Sadly today man in the Church have forgotten what death is. When someone dies, they praise the person, as if they are already canonized. They omit the Dies Irae from the funeral as they don't want to be reminded of death. Their lack of faith causes death to scare them so they use the positive points of the person to cover their anxiety and fear. That is of no help whatsoever to the deceased. The only way to do something useful for someone who has died is to pray for them, that God might grant them eternal rest and not eternal fire. That is the entire point of having a funeral: we know that the person has arrived at the day of wrath and beg Almighty God to have mercy on them. That is why clergy are buried in violet vestments. For them it is the most penitential time possible. For us, that time of penance is overshadowed by the fear of not knowing what has become of the person and the fear that we will one day be the one in the coffin; that we will be the one standing before the Almighty Judge. This great fear induces mourning and prompts the Church to wear black vestments and tone down the Mass somewhat. The candles are not bleached. Incense is used less often. The Gloria Patri and Psalm 42 are omitted. Many details of the Mass are changed to reflect this mourning.

   So today we sing the Dies Irae. We know the doom and destruction of death. This knowledge causes a fear of not knowing what is to become of us and not knowing what has become of those we love. All we can do is to fall on our knees and beg Almighty God on whose sentence all dependeth to be merciful. We know that some will be on the right and counted as sheep, invited into Heaven and that others will be on the left, counted as goats and damned to eternal fire. We recognize that all are sinners. Even the greatest saints had a funeral and those who knew them mourned. Even martyrs have black vestments at their funerals, not red and they too were mourned. All we can do is pray. Many times, the only constructive thing we can do is pray, and the death of a loved one is one of those times. So we cry out: Spare, O God, in mercy spare him! That is the only thing a devout soul can say when someone close to him dies. It is a devastating loss for we know not where the deceased person has gone. Adding to our fear, we know that we too will one day reach that day of tears and morning when we shall return to the dust of the earth. All we can do is beg Almighty God to be merciful, so we beg the Lord, With Thy favored sheep O place me, Nor among the goats abase me, But to Thy right hand upraise me.